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Often when we think of humility we tie it to ego and imagine ourselves being humble before another person. This type of humility is incomplete – because what it lacks is humility of the divine consciousness.

It lacks awareness of the whole.

A seed when planted, rights itself, even if it falls upside down into the soil. It knows which way to throw down roots, and which way to throw up a stem and leaves. A carrot seed has it’s own divine consciousness. It knows exactly how to be a carrot. It has it’s own consciousness of how to best thrive. It will bolt and go to seed if it is too dry or hot. Carrots are biennial, the seeds make a long taproot (which is what we dig up and eat) but if left to its own devices it will go to flower in the second year and produce more seeds. Carrots know how to do this perfectly without any influence from outside forces.

But a carrot seed alone is nothing but a seed – locked, unused potential. A carrot seed must be near other carrots to be properly cross pollinated. A carrot needs bees, and insects to visit it’s flowers to pollinate it. A carrot depends on sunshine, and rain, and it depends on decomposing matter in the soil to draw nutrients.

We too, are like carrot seeds. All of the intelligence and capability in the world is useless if we are alone. We need sunshine, air, and water too. We depend on pollinators to sustain our food sources, we depend on decomposing matter to fertilize the earth. We are interwoven with and deeply dependent on something so much bigger and complex than ourselves.

Without each of these things we cannot exist.

The rain, sun, air and all the ways we are tied into the eco-system ARE our existence.

When we recognize how helpless we are without the sun, without rain, without oxygen, without pollinators, without the myriad of creatures we share an eco-system with, without other human beings to reflect consciousness back to us then we can then begin to develop the humility necessary to be truly humble. We must understand the wholeness of what makes up our being in order to be truly humbled.

When we are humble we can understand the blessings we have been graced with. This is how true gratitude becomes available and accessible to us in every moment. The whole transforms a carrot seed into a nourishing carrot.

Awareness of the whole transforms your potential energy into your humility, and ultimately, your humanity.

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