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Monthly Supporter

I cannot do community work alone. Each year I invest my time putting together wellness programming for marginalized communities. These programs are often low barrier, which requires that I work for free or very little pay. If I could I would do all of this work for free, but I have to eat, and I have to feed my daughter.

Instead I rely on private coaching for income and donations from my supporters to fund my community work.

I do this work because I believe in it. I believe in the power of meditation and yoga, and I believe that they have the power to transform both individuals and whole communities.

If you believe in this work, have been transformed by it, or simply want to support others in their journey out of suffering please consider supporting me through a monthly subscription.


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    Every month
    A healthy Kendra means her work remains sustainable.
    • Contribute monthly towards Kendra's wellbeing.

    Every month
    Show up for community and support healing projects.
    • Donations are used towards:
    • • Workshop tuition for marginalized students
    • • Subsidized wellness retreats for marginalized students
    • • Yoga mats & props for low barrier classes

    Support Workshops at Dark Before the Dawn
    Valid for one year
    • One Time Donation
    • Help pay healers, elders & facilitators equitably
    • Cover the cost of workshops supplies & rentals
    • Cover the cost of rental spaces for workshops

    Provides access to Dark Before the Dawn to one attendee.
    Valid for one year
    • One Time Donation
    • 1 Ticket for someone who otherwise cannot afford to attend
  • On Demand Yoga

    Every month
    Practice with Kendra Coupland on your own schedule.
    • • Unlimited access to online Hatha Yoga videos.
    • • Downloadable Mindfulness Guidebook
    • • Discounts on retreats; early bird registration; and more
    • • Exclusive access to paid blog content

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