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Building on my post yesterday about anger, I want to offer a bit more insight and practice regarding how I move through difficult emotions.

There is no getting around hard feelings. We have two options: repress them or enter into them. Repressing them only saves them for later. Eventually we must face our feelings.

The way through difficult emotions is to turn your attention in on them. What sensations occur in the body when you feel them? What thoughts arise as a result. Sit and witness each sensation and thought fully.

Recognize that each feeling you feel has a purpose and place. There is no wrong feeling to feel, there is room for all of it. You are the the void space in which all feelings occur, you are the witness.

When you bear witness to what is actually happening within you, clarity arises. From this clarity you regain your autonomy. You gain the ability to control how to react and how to move in the world from a place of wisdom rather than reaction.


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