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The energy of creation can be found in the tiniest expressions. I found these flowers on a hike one day. These tiny flowers pushed their way up through the deep dense earth, asking nothing in return.

They did so in the forest where a little patch of sunlight peeped into the thick woods due to a couple of fallen trees. I had wandered quite far off the trail when I came across them. It warmed my soul knowing they bloomed for no other reason but to bloom and serve their purpose as flowers. Not planted by anyone directly, probably rarely, if ever, witnessed by another person. No attachment to whether or not a bee came to visit. No aversion to being part of the eco-system. No sadness if the rains didn’t come.

They simply were.

Delicate, fresh, and subtle; Insects pollinating them; sustaining life around them through this pollination; being beautiful; asking for nothing in return. Every time I pause and see a flower deeply, no matter how tiny, I am inspired to create for no reason other than to bloom.

All of us contain this natural creative energy. Kundalini is much like a seed in the dirt, coiled in the muladhara (root chakra) waiting its moment to rise up and be expressed. It contains all of the inner wisdom it needs to burst forth and blossom, all we need to do is create the conditions for it to ‘bloom’.

Like the fallen trees created a patch of sunlight for the flowers, the daily practice of meditation clears a small inner patch so that light can reach the dark corners of our minds and illuminate them so new things to bloom.

Take a moment today to contemplate yourself as a flower. Delicate, but resilient, driven by your own creative power; beautiful in your own unique expression.

How does this flower feel? Fresh and new? Does it feel withered? How might you tend to this flower-self?

Perhaps you might take time to nourish this flower with a few breaths of fresh air. Or you might give this flower-self water and nutrients. Maybe you could take just 5 minutes today to meditate and give this inner flower some sunlight by turning your awareness inwards.

As you imagine yourself as a flower may you find a moment of peace as you marvel at your beauty.

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