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Change is inevitable.

All things are impermanent.

Through all changes, there will always be the point of transition in which one thing turns into the next. Winter solstice is the time in which we transition from autumn to winter. Through autumn, the trees drop that which no longer serves them, that which consumed too much energy – their leaves. At the trees enter into winter they rest. They recover and rejuvenate themselves. As the weather turns cold and wet in the northern hemisphere we can also utilize this time to rest within the self.

Today as the Earth makes this point of transition in the orbit when we stop moving away from summer and begin moving towards it again, Take a few minutes to pause and rest. Breathing out recognize the cycle of the seasons has come to a close. Breathing in recognize the cycle of the seasons is beginning.

Rest in the subtle space between the breaths, recognizing that this point of transition although brief, exists in you too. Rest in the space between activities. Every breath is an opportunity to practice just being.

Every breath provides a small space of transition in which the mind can rest.

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