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Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Last month I was very fortunate to be featured in The Narwhal’s photo essay: ‘Purpose and power’: Meet 10 BIPOC Adventurers Challenging Ideals of Who Belongs in the Outdoors by Alia Youssef.

In the essay I got a chance to talk about the retreat I put together last year and why meditating in the woods is part of my self care practice. It was really fun being photographed by Alia. We went out into the woods behind my house where I like to roam and spend my downtime to take some photos. I also got a chance to show her the creek behind my home where I like to stand and watch the salmon spawn in the fall.

“For me, reclaiming my participation in the outdoors is about putting down a stake and saying I have a right to be here, to live and thrive. As I connect more and more with nature I receive ancient wisdom that guides my life. The trees remind me that I am both growing and dying at the same time. That the separation between life and death is illusionary, and when I can settle with that truth there is very little that can shake me from that feeling of rootedness.”

-Kendra Coupland

Check out the full article >>HERE<<

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