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Studying scriptures from the Bhagavad Gita today, seeking balance from the universe:

(11:39-11:42) “I bow to you, a thousand times I bow and bow again. I bow to the front and behind and in every direction. Boundless in power and immeasurable in might. You are in all, and therefore are all.

For whatever disrespect I may have shown in addressing you as friend, or companion, Krishna, or Yadava, speaking carelessly, though with affection – and for any irreverence I may have shown you, O Unshakeable Lord!, while eating, resting, walking, when we sat together by ourselves, or in the company of others: for all such in intended slights – never intended! I Illimitable Lord, I beg your forgiveness.”

(11:45) “Overjoyed I am by this cosmic vision, never before beheld. Yet, I confess, my mind is not free from terror. Be merciful to me, O Lord of gods and Shelter of the worlds. Show me Thyself once again in Thy limited human form.”

How different this world would be if we stopped and saw God, the universe, energy, connection and spirit in each other, rather than surface differences. How understandable is it that when Arjuna begged, and dared to see the vast, multifarious, infiniteness that is “God”, he is bewildered, overwhelmed, in awe and terrified. Perhaps when we really SEE each other, on that deeper primordial we catch a glimpse of it (god, the universe, the infiniteness that is the cycle of life and death, energy, the manifest and unmanifest — whatever you wish to call it), and it scares us too. Our fear of it keeps us prisoner to ignorance. It’s safer and easier to stay on the surface, discussing our differences that to believe for a moment that we stem from something so great and huge that we cannot even wrap our brains around it.

Trapped in action bound bodies, given no choice but to surrender our actions for the greater good, and why would you not, if you saw God in everything.

Today I am grateful for the universe, for the patience it has granted humanity, in our slow evolutionary process. And in my own (painfully slow at times) personal evolution. How grateful and joyous I am that I can pick up a camera on the most basic and insignificant levels and SEE. How grateful and joyous I am that the camera is forcing me to slow down and really see the world around me. Leading me down the path of evolution. I am grateful for every hardship and success that lead me to picking up that first camera. I am grateful for every mentor, teacher and friend who has helped me refine my craft. I am grateful for every person who has let me in. I am grateful for every instance I have shared an awakened connection with the universe.

God, I am grateful to you for you unending infiniteness. I happily surrender to your will.

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