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When I first started practicing yoga I found a lot of it really inaccessible. Most of the classes were led by skinny, white, athletic people with heavy focus on fast-paced asana aimed at burning calories. It almost deterred me from practicing completely, but over time I found my own rhythm in yoga, and when I went to study in India – it affirmed what I knew to be true in my body – yoga was about creating space to be with myself in a deep and intentional way and it’s truly for every body.

A couple weeks back I sat down with three yoga practitioners in my community to talk about how they practice and how they make yoga more accessible for themselves. I want to keep having these conversations on the importance of creating more accessibility in wellness, spirituality and the world. I hope this is the first of many more conversations to come. This project is just a quick teaser for the full interviews which I will be sharing shortly.

Special shout out to Siobhan Barker (@Sioso624), Athena Affan (@pxlgrl) , Ras Desmond (@vibestraumarelease) for helping me with this project.

Thank you to @CMMNGRND for giving us a space to practice being in our bodies and big ups to @shophalfmoon & @byoganow for supplying us with props to support our bodies.

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