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Madagascan Ravintsara Essential Oil (10ml)

Madagascan Ravintsara Essential Oil (10ml)

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With a name that literally translates into "the tree with good leaves" ravintsara is a medicinal tree used to cure infection & remove the evil eye. Ravintsara originates in Madagascar and comes from a tree that is part of the laurel family. 

Add a couple of drops of this powerful antiviral and antibacterial oil in boiling water or in a hot shower and inhale the steam to clear congested lungs, or add to a carrier oil and rub on the chest to help relieve the symptoms of a chest cold or flu.

With a fresh clean scent that is similar to eucalyptus or camphor, this oil is both energizing and refreshing. This oil blends well with rosemary, black pepper, Atlas cedarwood, eucalyptus, laurel leaf, pine, and sandalwood essential oils.

This product is USDA certified organic, vegan, never tested on animals, and kosher certified


    Mix 1 to 5 drops (1 drop = 0.05 ml) of essential oil in 1 tbsp (5 ml) of a carrier oil such as palm or baobab oil. Alternatively, you can add it to a steamy shower,  or use it in a diffuser.


    100% Ravintsara (cinnamomum camphora) essential oil


    Approximately 36 months. Always use clean hands and instruments when using our natural products to avoid contamination.

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