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Discover Zajac Ranch

 Traditionally, Zajac Ranch for Children provides camps for children and young adults with chronic, life-threatening and/or debilitating conditions. These experiences give participants the opportunity to explore the outdoors while developing greater social and environmental awareness, increased self-confidence and positive growth in attitudes towards physical activity. We have rented the entire ranch out for Dark Before The Dawn.

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In moving the retreat to Zajac Ranch we hope to expand the accessibility of Dark Before the Dawn. We recognize that everyone has different access needs and while we strive to meet as many as we can, we are not able to meet every need in the community at this single event. If you have a specific access need please reach out to our organizers and we'll see what we can do for you.

Measurements for Assistive Devices:

Most doors at the ranch are 36” wide.Dormitories are located on the ground floor and offer bunk bed style bedding. Guests must provide their own bedding or rent bedding for $25. Limited medical beds can be provided upon request. 

There is plenty of room to turn around and maneuver motorized devices downstairs in the communal area, however the dorms themselves have narrow halls between the beds. Beds closest to the doors are reserved for folks with mobility access needs.

Private Rooms are located upstairs. There is one chair-accessible private Deluxe Suite available, first come, first serve.

Ramps & Stairs

All programming will take place on the ground level or outdoors. The number of stairs going up to private rooms is 14 steps and the stairs themselves are 42” wide. You can also access the upstairs from outside of the building and there are 19 outdoor steps. There are ledges in the hot tub, the pool has ramp access as well as a lift.

Seating in the Amphitheatre is multi-tiered and is wheelchair accessible on all tiers. The stage is fully wheelchair accessible too.

Showers & Washrooms

All dormitory level have communal washrooms and shower facilities. The private washrooms and shower facilities are all gender free zones.

Each dormitory shower has a curtain for privacy. Communal single occupant washrooms and showers are available on the upper floors for folks uncomfortable using non-gendered washroom facilities.

There are 3 roll-in showers in each dorm downstairs and also the showers in the change rooms at the indoor pool are roll-in as well.  Showers are equipped with grab bars and we have shower chairs available as well for those that need one (must be requested in advance). 

We do not have toilet seat raisers but if that is something you need then please let us know and we can try to arrange to have that available for you prior to arrival.


We respect neurodiversity in this space and respect that people have different needs at different times. 

All of our programming is invitational. Participants are encouraged to choose what feels joyful and connective and to leave the rest behind. You are not expected to do or try everything.

We have intentionally left spaces and gaps in the programming so folks have time to rest and mentally reset.


Colour-coded wrists bands are provided to all attendees to let each other know communication preferences through non-verbal signals. Green wrist bands let others know you are actively seeking communication or connection. Yellow wrist bands let others know you only want to talk to people you recognize, or that you prefer to approach others first. A red wrist band lets others know you are not available to talk or connect with anyone at this time.

There are designated quiet, low stimulation spaces at the ranch, quiet nooks to escape to and 44 acres to roam if you need a break away from the group or experience sensory overload.

Other Accessibility Info

There are no ASL translators on-site, and live captions are not provided during programming. 

Guide dogs are permitted on-site only for the blind and visually impaired however accommodations must be made ahead of time, please reach out in you need to bring your guide dog. Compassion and therapy pets are not permitted on-site at this time.

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