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Respond to this survey and you could win a self care kit!

Complete this survey by January 20th and be automatically entered to win a wellness kit worth over $375.00, including one-on-one virtual coaching with Kendra.


Three one-on-one coaching sessions with Kendra 

1-on-1 coaching students also receive a 1 month subscription to online video recordings, guided meditations and self-guided workshops in the online student portal.


One Plantcestral Body Care Package

Plantcestral is a Black-owned body care line focused on honouring some of our oldest and most sacred plant ancestors. 

HM-crescent meditation cushion.jpg

One meditation cushion 

This Crescent Meditation Cushion is designed to help you sit tall with relaxed, happier hips. This crescent shape provides a wide, stable base of support with room to tuck your ankles in close to your body. 

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