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Sahmara Channeling | Moving Towards Enlightenment

I did about 35-40 minutes then took a meditation break. Sahmara came to me and told me that I can reach enlightenment in this life if I choose it. The window is open. The thrill in my heart!! I wish you could feel what I feel. I know in my soul I’m on the last leg, the most difficult. Gods love feels nearer than near. My whole body is pulsing! For a brief moment everything dissolved.

It’s like opening the final book to a trilogy. You know the story ends. You know how it ends. You feel it coming. It’s the longest and most difficult book in the series but you can’t put it down.

She said this winter i expand my consciousness into the vastness. My awareness will be stretched, then I will begin the long arduous journey of daily practice, surrender, compassion, love, and renunciation.

First I clear my space. Then I expand my awareness. Then I fill it with conscious love, then refine clear away and expand.

She said its like a dish sponge. You wash the dirty dishes then the sponge in wrung out of dirty water, filled with soapy water,  we ring it out, refill with clean water but. Still there is residue, so we fill the sponge again, wring, fill, wring, fill until all that is left is pure clean water.

So the instructions were: clear my space, renounce anything which does not serve my path, clear away anything which does not lend itself (people, objects, foods, situations) if it is not within my control simply allow it, have no attachment to it.

The pathway will be sparkly and light, I will know it because it feels deeply fulfilling. Trust  the feeling.

Return to God, return to daily practice, daily meditation, practice kindness, self love, love of others, and notice subtle sensations in the body in moments of joy.

Those are the first steps.

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Musings | Global Suffering

Strange. If North Americans are so determined to fight terrorism how come they welcome the worlds biggest terrorists with open arms?

Monsanto controls mass amounts of food production in North America. Seems to me like controlling how we get food is a pretty key way to controlling the population.

Companies like Exxon mobile & other oil companies control how we get energy, in fact so much so that they have lobbyists in the government making it more and more difficult for scientists to get funding for clean energy alternatives. That’s just two to speak of.

When corporations control the way we receive information, receive nutrition, and access energy, but restrict how much we can each have at the cost of our environment it’s criminal. We have to share this earth. We all have a right to fresh water, unpolluted by industry. We all have a right to access food grown in the earth we all share. We all have a right to shelter and warmth, to comfort. We all have a right to access clean energy.

Corporations & industry have taken away what should be a fundamental right to everyone who shares the earth. If that’s not terrorism I don’t know what is.

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Meditations | Musings

ॐ पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदम् पूर्णात् पूर्णमुदच्यते |

पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ||

ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ||

God is infinite. All manifest and un-manifest is God. God is the potential in the seed, the sapling, the root, bark and stem, the chlorophyll converted, the nourishing rain, the oxygen released, the nest, and the bird that makes it’s home in it, the shelter and comfort given. God is the sent of pine in the air, the cedar burnt in the fire, the smoke, the crackling sound and the ash, the rotting wood, the fungus that springs from the rot. There is nothing unsacred, nothing unholy, when everything is God, and God is everything.

I used to hate the word God. it carried no meaning for me and was a word bathed in blood, but as I shed religion and find salvation within my own spirituality the word has taken on new meaning. God has become as essential as my breath. God is the offered, God is the received, poured out by God to and for God.

I offer my in breath into my out breath, and my out breath into my in breath in gratitude to the universe. When I focus my mind I see God in everything and I am absorbed in the calm, infinite stillness of it all. It’s the peace I’ve spent my whole life chasing, and lately I feel this pounding in my core to renounce life as I know it and commit to it.

I send peace out to everything.

Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace.

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Meditations | Understanding

Spent the morning doing some self inquiry, and some inquiry on God. These are my musings.

God is the infinite, but not bound by duality. Just perpetuating duality because the balance keeps energy moving in an endless cycle.

God is not a man in the sky wagging his finger at me. God is not a man at all, is not masculine or feminine though these things exist within God. God is the infinite container of all things and is all things within it.

There is no good vs evil, life vs death, light versus dark – only what is and the absence of what is. Dark is not a thing that can be measured. It is only the absense of light. Death is the absence of life. And evil the absence of good or positive energy.  God is not definitely by those dualities. God contains them. God is the infinite container, ever expanding like the universe, and is all things contained within.

The question is what does your god’s container look like? Is it small and confining? Are you limited to specific actions and beliefs and traditions? Or do you truly believe God is as infinite and pure as you preach? What limitations do you put on god?

Does your God cringe at sodomy? Does your God hate theft? Does your God believe women are less equal? Is the right to bear arms a god given right? Does your God love certain people and hate others? These are all containers people put on god. God ain’t got time for that.

God is impartial and God is infinite. You’re breathing God right now. When you defecate, that’s God staring up at you from the bowl. Nothing is unholy when all things stem from and exist as God.

When you move on the path of your own inner truth whether you want to or not, whether you reject God or not, you move towards God, because God is the infinite energy that balances the cosmos. God is so accepting that God considers any step towards your inner light as an offering to God. If you work out, or eat well to nourish the body. Boom. Accepted. If you love others selflessly. Accepted. If you are kind to animals. Accepted. If you are gentle with the earth. Accepted. If you live freely accepting yourself as who you are: Black, Asian, male, female, rich, poor, gay, trans, or a vegan if you revel in the joy of life – accepted! That simple.

God doesn’t judge our poor choice in action either – they stem from ignorance. These ignorant actions do not affect the whole of God (the infinite) too much, but they do affect us, this tiny stream that flows from God. If we are ignorant then we create for ourselves a true hell on earth. A world of war with scorched skies and poisoned water.

God does not favor humans, we are equal to all things in the cosmos. Raising your own vibration and conscious energy is your responsibility. You have to do it on your own, you already know this because God exists within you too. You feel the pull towards balance in your own life and in the world in which you live. God perpetuates energy in the whole cosmos. Our tiny planet is not even a speck among the universe. In fact our solar system and Galaxy is barely visible when you take the whole cosmos into account. The consequences of your life, in the grand scheme of things is almost inconsequential. Almost. You are either moving forward in evolution or you are not.

If you feel yourself moving towards consciousness then now is the time to re-exam your thoughts, fears, containers, and beliefs about who and what God is. The opposite of love isn’t fear or resistance it’s indifference and ignorance.

And you don’t have to be fearful of God because its not a he or she – it’s both. It’s the infinite life energy coming through your nostrils tethering you to the earth. Stop separating yourself from “God”. You can call it what you want, but it’s in you and all around you, there is no separation, it simply permeates you and is what continues to exist before and after you.

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