I first want to start off by defining the purpose of this blog and setting my intentions, since I’m not entirely sure of where it will go, and since I have no expectations of it.

This blog space is intended for myself. It is a place for me to write my thoughts and feelings down and connect with myself. The reason I am putting that out to the world is that I believe there is power in numbers, and sometimes when you say things out loud other people connect with your ideas, and sometimes further ideas are formed. So in that regard, this blog is also intended as a safe place to share ideas and feelings for others who feel the urge to reach out and connect.

My journey to discovering my “self” has felt quite lonely over the years. At times it’s felt as though I was alone in a blizzard. After all, the journey to finding one’s “self” isn’t a journey that anyone else can come with me on. What I have discovered however, is that each of us has our own journey to finding our true selves, so we are not nearly as alone as we often feel. The more I have shared about my own journey, the more I have learned that there are others in the blizzard with me, and while we each have our own destinations and our own paths to follow, it’s much less scary being in a storm with others than being in a storm alone.

So, if you do connect with some idea on here I encourage you to speak up. We don’t have to bear the storm alone. We can unite ourselves.

The last thing I want to say is that I believe there is great power in honesty, but only when honesty is spoken with the purest of intentions. So everything I will say on this blog will come straight from my heart. I will trust my intuition. My intentions will be pure. I will be vulnerable. I will be fearless. I will bare my true self without any façade to the world, simply for the freedom that comes with being seen for who I am.

I hope you will join me in that.

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