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There are two paths people can walk in life. The path of fear, or the path of love.

Some of us walk around fearful of what others think, fearful of rejection. Their actions are guided by fear, no matter how subtle. They are quiet and allow themselves to be walked on, or they are obnoxiously loud out of fear of not being heard.

I used to live a life of fear. I was obnoxiously loud. I was ignorant not only by naivety, and fear but also by choice at times. I was so fearful that people didn’t like me, I was scared of being rejected and I would bitch and moan about so much because at the very least putting low vibration energy out there attracted others and then I wasn’t alone. But even surrounded some part of my life didn’t resonate with me. I hated living in fear, because it dominated every level of my life: I was afraid to make Tia a vegetarian because I didn’t want to hear my parents complain, I was afraid to shoot a bride in her underwear in case she told me to put my camera down. I was afraid to reclaim the word God back for myself because it’s such a bloodstained word that seems to offend everyone. I shaved my legs because I was afraid the natural hair on my legs might offend someone not living in my body. I was even afraid to post stuff about crystals at one point. Jeez I even worried about my clothes ‘matching’ when I left the house. I hated trying to justify my actions to myself and others. It was always out of fear.

I’m done with that life of fear, though.
I’m ready to walk a path of love. I’m ready to let compassion, love, acceptance, and inner wisdom guide me. I will parent, and work, and create and maintain meaningful friendships and connections with my true values in mind. It’s not an easy path to give up fear, it’s a long and arduous one actually. I have to check in with myself daily and ask myself “is this an action of love?”

I fail daily, but I’m getting better. It’s now my only real goal in life – to live love daily.

The Bhagavad Gita says that since God is the potential in energy itself, that all things are God. You, me, the trees, the earth and stars. We are tiny fragments of the infinite, and unimaginable.

Therefore every action is an act of worship whether one single person believes it to be or not. There are many paths to love and peace, and therefore God accepts all actions given with a loving heart (even to the self). A cup of water to a friend, a flower to a love, food for the needy, a hug for a sister or brother, taking care of your own body through yoga or fitness, eating well,awareness of the breath, giving gratitude for food, being gentle on the earth, petting a dog, giving kind compliment, or giving a helping hand, a prayer said for someone in desperation, or simply stopping to notice and appreciate the way the trees move in the wind.

All these things are acts of love, and they are accepted as worship by the divine energy of the universe that permeates all things. We know this as our truth because God-energy exists with each of us, and we ourselves feel good when we act in accordance with love (which is worship itself). When we work out we worship our bodies, marveling at their strength, putting our health first. When we eat fresh, healthy nourishing food we  feel healthy and nourished. When we help a friend in need we ourselves feel better afterwards. When we meditate we feel an instant peacefulness.

When we feel disharmony in our lives and bodies we can be sure that those lapses are a direct reflection of disharmony on a spiritual level, perhaps within yourself, or within the collective of everyone (since we are all one, and our actions affect each other) Maybe you are living in fear, maybe you are waking up and transitioning to love, but just know you’re not alone. There are a lot of people out there who are where you are, and know your path is right. It’s right because it feels right in your soul.

There are many paths to peace. All are accepted, if you act with a loving heart.

A question I often ask myself is, “if every action is an act of worship is the action I’m taking right now worthy?”

(This pops up EVERYTIME I get road rage, or my dog eats my socks or underwear)

What path are you choosing today? Are you choosing to live in fear? Are you choosing to live in love?

Every moment that choice is yours and yours alone.


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