About Kendra

Hi. I’m Kendra.

I’m a high spiritual, heart-centered, creative documentary photographer based out of Vancouver, BC. So what does that mean? Well first off, and most importantly, I believe in being emotionally connected with every subject I document. Everyone is beautiful, everyone deserves to have their story told – that is my fundamental belief. The most magical and meaningful moments in our lives are often disguised as mundane day-to-day occurrences – a knowing smile, a friendly touch; sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective to show the world what it might be missing. I aim to refresh the world’s perspective on love every time I pick up my camera.

This blog is about my own personal journey of growth as a photographer, an artist, and a human. It has no other purpose than to act as a personal diary to me. The reason I share it is because I believe in the power of vulnerability. I believe that if I continue to bare myself despite the backlash I may receive, that I will be able to go to sleep at night loving myself, because at the very least I tried, and I wasn’t false about it. I think that if I put myself out there, perhaps what I say will resonate with someone else out there in the great wide open, and maybe they will have felt a bit less alone in the universe for it. I think ultimately all any artist wants is to connect with something.

I believe that artists have a responsibility to create without creating excessive waste, which is why I am always striving to find new ways to share my art in the most green way possible. I do a large amount of my printing with plant-based inks, and eco-friendly papers and use frames made from reclaimed wood.

Prints are available on select images.

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